The Lord Conspirator

by Monolith

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Visions within a dream The lord of deceitful thrones Amidst flames of gold And mountainous peaks Cycles of wisdom Reaching out to grasp me Hell’s fierce lightning Reaches out of the abyss Deep down, within the tower of the setting sun Sorrow slowly tries to feed A tumultuous dream The fever void brings winds of infection Far away the distant ocean wages its war upon the shore All of heaven is holding its breath All became one, and the one is alone Choirs sang over the tumult and the chaos Melodies of vision lost in the dark Sparks trying to kindle flame In the deep ocean of ash and soot And the rain continued to pour Drenching us all in misery And when you were gone, the sky wept The devil thrust a blistering blade And the sorrow began, cloak and dagger at hand Lost in the void of isolation In sleep I see so clearly Dreams of dread and betrayal The night’s black clouds Conceal the crescent moon The empty caverns steeple Spiralling ever inward If the sky is my grave I will forever be free
The Descent 05:31
Can you feel the noose tighten, As its fingers grip your neck? The subversive grim intent Made clear at last Barbed-wire words Take their refuge in crowds But make no mistake It’s not what’s said but what’s meant I am the voice in the darkness Some say I am wisdom and truth I am of the source of all violence The primal urge in you Does the cup run full? Is it stricken with drought? Dark tides cast their deadly pull Are the fools filled with doubt? In this night-of-knives Treachery runs rife A voice bellows out from the deep Speaking with no fear, nor favour, nor weakness A voice from the abyss Listen Fear – fire – awakened dead Rot the living Voice – calling – from the deep Listen Rise now from the shadows Rip and tear yourself loose Let cowards bathe in their filth For they are their own noose
The Abyss 05:58
I have walked the abyss As the hooks dug into my flesh I have chocked on the sulphur mist As the poison crept through my veins Black-tar fingers Scratch at my eyes A hall of mirrors A chamber of lies I have seen the skies turn black And the suns light fade away I have heard my bones crack And tasted the salt in my blood Black-tar fingers Scratch at my eyes A hall of mirrors A chamber of lies Hooks in my flesh Blackened skies Sulphur mist Echoes rise I have felt the utmost despair And under the gaze of all My body has been laid bare No light… no tunnel…
Nightfall 06:17
Hunted, haunted, they hound me They chase me. They track me, by scent I hear them. They’re nearly upon me… Their teeth and their claws Scratch at my back And gnaw at my blood-soaked heels I run but cannot grasp breath How long will I last? Through day and through night They match my every stride I feel the hot breath And spit upon my neck Amidst this cruel darkness Along a moonlit path I try to feel my way I try to outlast Run! Run for your life! Run! And never look back! Hunted, haunted, they hound me I trip and I fall But I cannot stop If I must I will crawl But I cannot stop On and on through the night Until morning light Run! Run for your life! Run! And never look back!
Bearing down The great gate between mountains Its colossal frame hiding the trials ahead I have no reason Sulphur clouds in ominous shrouds Ooze like wounds upon the sick The sounds of sorrow arise Ensembles of misanthropy Create the harmony of the doomed No joy before the mountain No peace beyond its gate No light from cold stone The drowning of the light Upon cold stone The perilous fight Fought alone Black earth’s gate! Black earth’s gate! Mournful cries of terror and woe Echo in empty halls Through me the strength must rise To challenge my foe The drowning of the light Upon cold stone The perilous fight Fought alone As I stand before the mountain My voice a whisper The final utterance of regret And my spirits cruel fate
All hope abandon ye who enter here He who wishes to conquer the unconquerable The air hangs thick with the smell of fear All is one and the one is unstoppable In the desolate valley Over the jagged edge Echoes (bring) forth the omen Of ominous intent Cast by the figure Of Divine plumage And aged gold His will is of greater magic His will is of lesser light He will consume your soul He will drain your heart Promethean son Annihilation must be brought upon thee Noble in quest Noble in spirit Your will is consumed by doubt Your flame is a dying light You possess cracks too great to fill You lack the strength of will O’ son of many sons The cruellest of fates now awaits you Go forth and perish if that is thy wish For a great host of evil lies before thee Beyond all light and help of salvation The way forward lies bare before me As doubt begins to take hold The fire of comprehension burns on the horizon And calls from beyond the perilous edge Beyond the perilous edge Beyond the perilous edge
Descending with me the hate I carried My shield and dagger now drawn To defend the outrage inside of me And cut rotten flesh from the bone The weary warrior Seeks the conspirator His heart almost deaf The weary warrior Ready to defend against the twisted blades Of sunken light magic If I can sustain but a single flame Then my fight remains If I harbour my name and shed the pain Then I am unbanishable In silent anguish I hide my face from walls of serpent eyes The threshold of discovery No longer of definable origin The weary warrior No grail in sight But an endless journey And relentless plight Searching for the wells The profound wells of fire Deep danger swells The wells burning higher When the world freezes over All flames will die In the garden of creation The river runs dry Searching for the wells The profound wells of fire Deep danger swells The wells burning higher
Saturn 03:42
O’ setting sun What dim light you exhale Lest my light too be done And draped in the nights cruel veil The tempered storm Turns black hearts to gold Desperate minions swarm The abyss turned cold The prince of sin The lord of the abyss The feud in battle Kindle the pyre The arrow loosed Foretold to miss Inflicts the wound To extinguish fire Lost In Saturn Drowned The sinking sun Trapped in Saturn By his hand all destiny assumed The twisted blades poised to strike Piercing the shield my soul consumed Illumination cast by moon light Hail the thief Who defeats the Lord Braced in gold The surf of fortune And lust and love His hands torn bare Upon the slab The bastard born inside Us In Saturn Drowned The sinking Sun Trapped in Saturn The bastards born inside Unyielding will foretold The dark in shadows hide The lord abreast thrones of old Saturn’s sinking sun! Saturn’s sinking sun!


The long awaited third album by Avantguard Death Metal specialists from South Africa, Monolith. "The Lord Conspirator" offers listeners arguably their best work as a unit to date, bringing in element of Brutal death Metal, laced with just the right amount clinical melody & eccentric Progressive time changes. Dark, broody, & intense are all words that can go to explain the the emotions captivated in this new offering, and is guaranteed to leave listeners across the globe spell bound by their distorted overtones.



released April 28, 2020

Andrew Viviers – Guitars & vocals
Chris Paterson – Guitars & vocals
Coburn Green – Bass guitar & vocals
David Mills – Drums

All Tracks W&P by Monolith
Mixed by Chris Paterson
Mastered by Rogan Kelsey at Kelsey Mastering
Artwork by Sjoerd Leistra
Graphic Design by Nicholas Erasmus


all rights reserved



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